Politics and books, ideally at the same time.

The short answer is that I really enjoy three things; politics, books, and writing.

The longer answer? 70% of 'high political engagement' Democrats say Republicans make them afraid, and the same is true for 62% of Republicans. The country, and the world for that matter, does not appear to be overflowing with people who are genuinely interested in understanding and engaging a different point of view.

Aside from it being an interesting project to work on and a way to think out loud, that's what and who this blog is for. The far too few people who 1) want to think through issues themselves without regard for the party line (either of them) and 2) like good books, especially books that tell us something about the world.

And finally, I'd like to hear what you think about what I write. If what you think is that you hate it, that's great - you're the person I'd most like to hear from. Leave a comment on the relevant post, or you can contact me (and stay up to date) via the channels listed below.